pacemaker  2.1.3-ea053b43a
Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
Core API


file  acl.h
 Low-level API for XML Access Control Lists (ACLs)
file  agents.h
 API related to resource agents.
file  agents_compat.h
 Deprecated Pacemaker resource agent API.
file  ipc.h
 IPC interface to Pacemaker daemons.
file  ipc_controld.h
 IPC commands for Pacemaker controller.
file  ipc_pacemakerd.h
 IPC commands for Pacemakerd.
file  ipc_schedulerd.h
 IPC commands for Schedulerd.
file  logging.h
 Wrappers for and extensions to libqb logging.
file  logging_compat.h
 Deprecated Pacemaker logging API.
file  mainloop.h
 Wrappers for and extensions to glib mainloop.
file  mainloop_compat.h
 Deprecated Pacemaker mainloop API.
file  nvpair.h
 Functionality for manipulating name/value pairs.
file  output.h
 Control output from tools.
file  results.h
 Function and executable result codes.
file  util.h
 Utility functions.
file  util_compat.h
 Deprecated Pacemaker utilities.
file  xml.h
 Wrappers for and extensions to libxml2.
file  xml_compat.h
 Deprecated Pacemaker XML API.
file  crm.h
 A dumping ground.
file  crm_compat.h
 Deprecated Pacemaker utilities.
file  msg_xml_compat.h
 Deprecated Pacemaker XML constants API.
file  services.h
 Services API.
file  services_compat.h
 Deprecated services API.

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