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Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
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cib.h File Reference

Cluster Configuration. More...

#include <glib.h>
#include <crm/common/ipc.h>
#include <crm/common/xml.h>
#include <crm/cib/cib_types.h>
#include <crm/cib/util.h>
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#define CIB_FEATURE_SET   "2.0"
#define T_CIB_DIFF_NOTIFY   "cib_diff_notify"
#define CIB_LIBRARY   ""


cib_tcib_new (void)
cib_tcib_native_new (void)
cib_tcib_file_new (const char *filename)
cib_tcib_remote_new (const char *server, const char *user, const char *passwd, int port, gboolean encrypted)
cib_tcib_new_no_shadow (void)
char * get_shadow_file (const char *name)
cib_tcib_shadow_new (const char *name)
void cib_free_notify (cib_t *cib)
void cib_free_callbacks (cib_t *cib)
 Free all callbacks for a CIB connection. More...
void cib_delete (cib_t *cib)
 Free all memory used by CIB connection. More...
void cib_dump_pending_callbacks (void)
int num_cib_op_callbacks (void)
void remove_cib_op_callback (int call_id, gboolean all_callbacks)

Detailed Description

Cluster Configuration.

Definition in file cib.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CIB_FEATURE_SET   "2.0"

Definition at line 29 of file cib.h.


#define CIB_LIBRARY   ""

Definition at line 54 of file cib.h.


#define T_CIB_DIFF_NOTIFY   "cib_diff_notify"

Definition at line 33 of file cib.h.

Function Documentation

◆ cib_delete()

void cib_delete ( cib_t cib)

Free all memory used by CIB connection.

[in]cibCIB connection to delete

Definition at line 451 of file cib_client.c.

◆ cib_dump_pending_callbacks()

void cib_dump_pending_callbacks ( void  )

Definition at line 695 of file cib_client.c.

◆ cib_file_new()

cib_t* cib_file_new ( const char *  filename)

Definition at line 495 of file cib_file.c.

◆ cib_free_callbacks()

void cib_free_callbacks ( cib_t cib)

Free all callbacks for a CIB connection.

[in]cibCIB connection to clean up

Definition at line 438 of file cib_client.c.

◆ cib_free_notify()

void cib_free_notify ( cib_t cib)

Definition at line 417 of file cib_client.c.

◆ cib_native_new()

cib_t* cib_native_new ( void  )

Definition at line 56 of file cib_native.c.

◆ cib_new()

cib_t* cib_new ( void  )

Definition at line 292 of file cib_client.c.

◆ cib_new_no_shadow()

cib_t* cib_new_no_shadow ( void  )

Definition at line 285 of file cib_client.c.

◆ cib_remote_new()

cib_t* cib_remote_new ( const char *  server,
const char *  user,
const char *  passwd,
int  port,
gboolean  encrypted 

Definition at line 104 of file cib_remote.c.

◆ cib_shadow_new()

cib_t* cib_shadow_new ( const char *  name)

Definition at line 270 of file cib_client.c.

◆ get_shadow_file()

char* get_shadow_file ( const char *  name)

Definition at line 210 of file cib_client.c.

◆ num_cib_op_callbacks()

int num_cib_op_callbacks ( void  )

Definition at line 677 of file cib_client.c.

◆ remove_cib_op_callback()

void remove_cib_op_callback ( int  call_id,
gboolean  all_callbacks 

Definition at line 666 of file cib_client.c.